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The official list of who's turning up on sunday!

Michael P

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guys.. bit of bad news :(

My university has called and asked if I can come in on Sunday at 2.00pm to discuss the upcoming year Computer Society members etc! Doesn't look like im going to be able to make it :(

After all that as well :(

So disapointed :(

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you guys really should stick to one thread per topic, you may be missing out ppl who had subscribed to a previous thread on this event who dont check all of the fiesta forum threads daily but were expecting email update notifications to keep them informed...

perhaps should pull up the other threads and post a link to whichever is now 'the chosen one'

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Well I am going, so is Matt.

If people could please say whether they are definately coming or not that would be great.

If not, me and Matt will just have to speak to each other about our fiestas...which would be very nice but boring as we have known about them since day 1. It would be nice to meet other people.

Please go! I'll be there. If everyone drops out before though then I won't go.


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as i have just said to EMily whilst chatting to her, i won't be going anymore due to the fact my dad has to take me and he doens't want to drive that far if nooone is definately going, very very sorry :(

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