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Dab Radio Is Garbage


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Hi first post and this may seem quite petty. I have a 13 plate titanium x with the DAB radio. I cannot listen to any station on DAB without the sound breaking up. Even local stations have poor reception. Any having the same issues?

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My last two cars have had DAB in them (09 and 63 Galaxys). They work very well in my part of the world most of the time (Norfolk Sufolk borders), and most places I've toured around... Only just got the 63 plate and the DAB is part of the NAV system so getting used to it.

Dorset is not one of the best served areas for radio and TV transmitters... partly due to the hilly terrain. So DAB may not be perfect everywhere. The radio does have a feature to allow the signal to switch between FM and DAB on some radio services (BBC especially) and that may help? However a look suggest much of Dorset is better than say Wiltshire next door...

http://maps.ofcom.org.uk/dab/ and http://www.mds975.co.uk/txmaps/DABmaps01.html might help you understand if there is a known lack of coverage where you have reception problems?

If not down to coverage, I'd suggest you visit your dealer to get the unit checked over while under guarantee.

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