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Swimming Pool In The Back Passenger Foot-Well (Not Drivers Side)

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I was wondering if anybody could help me !,

I noticed that the rear passenger foot well on the passengers side was soaking wet, i thought it was maybe down to the fact door had not be shut properly the night before, so dried all the water up with a towel. went to my car yesterday and noticed a soggy looking mat so took the mat out and it was dripping with water, and when i put my foot on the foot well water squiged everywhere (some much it came to the base of my boot) , this time i no the door was definitely not open as i have been only one in the car.

any ideas as to what it could be and what i should be looking for ?

Many thanks


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Hello sarah, I've experienced this on an Audi I used to have, if you open the bonnet and look just under the windscreen you should find some kind of drainage hole that stops water building up, it will be full of leaves, twigs etc, clean this out and dry the carpets, with any luck its bobs your uncle, hope I'm not giving you duff information, like I said this fault was On an Audi, good luck

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