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Water Problem


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hi everyone, I have a focus 1.6 zetec, every time winter comes it gets a load of water where the spark plugs are, I have read that it is a common fault on a early mark 2 focus, which causes a big miss fire, starting to get sick of changing sparkplugs and leads, is there anyway that I can stop this happening, thanks

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Hello bigall, dunno if this is relevant but I have a similar problem on my mk6 fiesta, turns out my washer jet hoses tend to leak and drip fill the rocker cover area (corroding ht leads) I've fixed this by sealing connections on my washer jet hose's with instant gasket, then drying the area and changing leads, plugs etc, hope this helps

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Had same on mine,water then got to plugs and when I tried to remove 2 snapped Arter getting that sorted I got a piece of ally and cut it to fit over the leads/ plugs you will find there are 2 screw hole on the top so that's how I fixed it firmly on.No prob since.

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