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Is this normal?


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Been waiting on my new Mk 7 arrriving for what seems like ages now.

Last time i spoke to my dealer it was on the 13 week mark (end of june start of july), all i was told was sometime in August to be built.

Not wanting to harass the dealer as im sure hes got plenty on and me calling everyweek isnt going to make it happen any faster.

I have not contacted my dealer for a whole month now, I am just wandering if it is normal for a dealer not to call one of his customers in a month.

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Well I have been the one making all the calls to my dealer too - to be honest, once the order is placed, as long as there is nothing major wrong, I get them impression that they are not bothered about contacting you until the car arrives and they want their paperwork signing!

I am going to start calling mine on a weekly basis from next week as I have been assured that mine is going to be delivered for the 1 September as I want a 59 plate and I did order it on the 1 June (so 13 weeks to get it built and delivevered) and while I know it is not going to make a blind bit of difference as to when I do eventually take delivery at least I will know and it is the not knowing thats the frustraiting part.

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