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Diesel Vs Ecoboost


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Looking for some advice! Ive ordered a fiesta zetec s for march 15 diesel 1.6 however my partner is insisting the ecoboost is a better engine..I do over 300 miles per week so thought diesel would be easier on £! Im paying £650 more to have the diesel . If I would be saving £ 50 a month on fuel i thought I would make the £650 back in a year.

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I do roughly the same amount of miles as you per week for work and a bit more on the weekends. I have a Focus MK2.5 1.6 TDCI and I did the sums before buying it. It will work out to be cheaper in the long term. You will definitely make the £650 pounds back.

Plus, once you have crawled the money back from the fuel savings, get the car remapped and multiply the grin factor while saving more fuel on your trips. That's what I did :)

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Defo diesel for that millage. EcoBoost would be better for lower millage and mainly town driving.

My thoughts exactly, especially if a lot of those miles are on the motorway the diesel will save you a fair bit of money. Also you won't have to worry about DPF problems which are often a problem for low mileage diesel engines.

Personally I don't like diesels so would go for the petrol every time, unless I was completely skint. That's why I went for the ST though, choosing with my heart instead of my head :)

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