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Video On Programming Key Remotes Into Your Mk2


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Mods if you want to copy this to the Hot to guides please do so, says it wont allow that extension to be embedded on the forum.

Use one key and do the following:

Cycle the ignition key from off to position 2 4 times in fairly quick succession

After turning the key off again the car should now bleep.

Press a button on remote key 1 and the car will beep.

Press a remote button on remote key 2 and the car will beep.

Then either wait for the learning mode to exit or cycle the ignition once more to exit learning mode.

Then test both fobs lock and unlock the car as they should.

Just thought a description and a video showing how it's done may help anyone struggling with it.

NB. When you do this to add another remote for example a flip key you will need to relearn all remote keys so they all work again.

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