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Whirring Helicopter Type Noise From Engine

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Hello all,

New to this forum and hoping you might be able to help..... Yesterday there was an odd whirring helicopter sounding noise coming from the engine. You can hear it on the car simply idling, in gear and out of gear.

The car does need a new shock on the left hand side which is booked for repair. The engine is completely brand new (installed by authorised garage about a year ago after a new turbo went beserk and ripped through my old engine and got it replaced under warranty) The car itself is a 2006 Ford Focus 1.6 Diesel.

It is booked into the garage on Wednesday, but I don't know if it's ok to drive until then and the Ford garage weren't really advising either way for obvious reasons I guess.

Any clues?

And while I'm at it, when I stop the car and turn off, I get a judder. This used to happen with the old engine too, but only just recently started on this one.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks :)

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