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Leaky Boost Pipe

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Ive had my 1.6 diesel focus on an 11 plate for around a month or two. Ive noticed the oil leak as below coming from the boost pipe just after the intercooler. I have taken it to Ford and they suggest replacing the pipe at a cost of £186 including parts and labour as its a perished pipe it is not included in the warranty. I have looked at the focus we have at work and they all seem to have a slight leak from the same place but no where near as bad. The car was bought from a trust ford so I was expecting the warranty to be fairly decent clearly not!

A couple of things what is the metal thing just prior to the oil leak at the join of the two pipes and secondly can anyone who has access to a parts catalogue give me a part no or a price to see whether im being done over!


Ps excuse the photo I havent instagrammed it it was taken at sunset!


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