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Ford Accident Management

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By using these, they liaise with your insurance company for you in the event of an accident and you are guaranteed a Ford bodyshop and genuine parts. What I didn't realise is that they have an app which you register for with your email address, contact details, car details, insurance and dealer details.

Then, at the press of a button, the app transmits your location to Ford who call you to confirm your location and deploy a recovery vehicle (if needed). The app contains a list of dealers closest to your location if the car is driveable.

I hope I never have to put it to the test but it sounds like a good service. Has anyone had cause to use this?

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i was wondering about the pay off,,, there always is one so where is it in this case ?

i found this,,, might not be the same with ford accident managment, but if not where is the pay off ?




it seems ford cottoned on to all this and started up their own,,,,


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I think this was mentioned when I bought my car, but I can't remember if I registered for it or not. I take it that this isn't free? Although if it gets extra business for Ford bodyshops I don't see why it should be expensive for us.

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i do remember the sales man giving me all the bumff for this and i have the card with the phone numbers on in my car, aparently its totally free as well.

But i have never considered it much as i have free AA cover and my insurance has courtesy car and most the other stuff on it too.

Fords version seems ok when reading up on it, but id like to hear from someone who has used it.

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might well consisder it. The only problem is when Ford are not the authorised repairer....

For my last crash, I wanted to use Ford, however, I contacted the insurer and they advised they have been blacklisted and would not be used :|

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