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Retro Fit Cruise Control


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Does any one know if it possible to retro fit a criuse control to a s Mas 1.8 TDCI?

I have a Land Rover back ground and the Td5 Discovery 2's have all the wiring there all you havee to do is add the switches (£400 option from LR or buy the parts for around a £100 using genuine LR parts and fit it yourself!)

Is this possible on the S Max?

Many thanks in advance.

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Yes it can be done. You need the steering wheel, to check the wiring is present, and the connector under the steering wheel and you would also need ELM Config and a modified ELM cable (or a trip to the dealer).

I believe one of the guys here (I think hes called Richard) managed to do this on his SMAX, and I think it was a similar age?

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