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2L Focus St Vs 1.6 Fiesta St

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To cut this short i am slowly bringing myself round to spending a lot of money on replacing my humble old ginger mobile and im sort of very much a car guy and i have decided i want Poooowwwerrrrrrr, any how im also as tight as hell, both cars are sitting at around the same price at the moment in the jolly Cornwall and Devon dealers, obviously the Fiesta is more economical but which is the better buy overall, i always had a thing for the Fez ever since it was announced a coupe years back but now the prices are so close its become more of a challenging question. What do you lot reckon?

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I'm having this dilemma also. For me it's boiled down to the focus being slightly more expensive and less economical and not that much quicker. Plus I prefer a smaller car.

Think I'm gonna go for another fiesta st in a different colour and upgrade to ST2/3 so I've got a few more toys

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Yeah I've currently got an ST1 and I'm missing the toys. I'm on options so change car every 9 months.

Yeah gotta go at least ST2 for the focus as ST1 doesn't even have heated screen iirc

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