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Mk6 Fiesta Towbar


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Hi all I am trying to find a video on how to fit

A tow bar to 2008 mk6 fiesta can anyone help

Is it easy to fit do I need take back bumper of any advise would be good thanks

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I would think so, yes.

I'm only guessing here - but, it probably slots into the chassis rails behind the rear crash bar.

Pop the bumper off and remove the rear crash bar. The tow bar replaces it and bolts through the chassis rails. If it's a 2nd hand towbar, I would suggest tracking down a set of fitting bolts, nuts and washers (Witter have box-shaped washers that are designed to be crushed - makes it easier to tighten with such restricted access)

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The bumper should be quite easy to remove.

I know the Mk2.5 Focus is incredibly easy and only takes a few minutes.

Looking at the towbar, you do replace the crash bar. It will lone up with existing holes in the chassis rails. However, I would strongly recommend teying to source a set of new bolts, nuts and washers. There are also recommended torque settings for the bolts.

As for cutting the bumper...I'm not sure. It's been a while since I was under the back end of a Mk6 Fiesta. You MIGHT get away without cutting it.

Fit the towbar and offer the bumper back up, it'll be easy to see if you need to cut it

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Thanks for your advice sounds easy enough ile get new bolts and friend of mine is auto election so he do wires

Just have to bid for it thanks

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Wiring was my downfall

Like an idiot I only glanced at the wires on the bypass relay and hooked 'em up by colour. There were some minor differences in shade - but nothing major.

Couldn't work out why I had no power to the light board...

Guess which dopey git wired up the towbar socket earth wire to the bypass relay reverse light...

Even after I'd sorted that, the thing still didn't work. Turns out if anything goes wrong you need to reset the relay (pop the fuse out and leave for 10 minutes) lol

Other than that, even the wiring is pretty easy to do!!

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