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12V Charger Socket Draining Battery??

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Does anyone know if a 12v charger socket can flatten a battery when nothing is plugged in? I have a new battery and it has lost charge a couple of times (as did the old one) I've had it tested and there appears to be no faults with it or the alternator. The chap suggested that something could be running in the background like a bulb for example, but I've checked everything else. When I got my car the cigarette lighter socket didn't work, it had no fuse in, so I put one in a few months ago when I need to run my satnav, shortly after I found a fuse from it in a compartment! Could it previously have been removed for that reason? or am I completely barking up the wrong tree?? Just seems like such a coincidence! Thanks, Sam

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The same fuse may run other circuits too, find out which ones and check those. Have you checked the boot light is off with the boot shut?

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Yes, thanks Ade, I did the proper girlie thing of simply sticking my head through the back seats! Ha Ha, neighbours think I'm a loony! :P

Whatever it was running Stef, taking the fuse out seems to have had no adverse consequence on anything else as far as I can tell (or at least anything important that I need!) everything seems to be working normally (apart obviously the charger, which I can live without) however does seemed to have helped with the battery life, very peculiar!

Thanks for your advice folks, much appreciated. :D Sam

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