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White Screen....


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Hi just got into my car and was greeted with this white screen can still hear music playing but nothing on screen it seems dead switches off goes back to black but nothing when doors unlocked or engine started....Any ideas ???

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Have you tried locking the car for a bit, so it goes in to power saving and shuts everything down?

Effectively let it turn itself off and on again?

Failing that may be try unplugging the battery for a bit, otherwise it is going to have to go back to Ford for a warranty fix.

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It is a computer at the end of the day.

Sometimes they get their knickers in a twist and the simplest thing to clear the error is to turn it off and on again, lol.

If it happens too frequently then take it back to Ford, there might be a software update.

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New here but had the same issue this morning on my Fiesta.

Again, sound would play and i could use my phone with the car, but the screen was just white. 

I'm at work at the moment, my question being: how long did you have to leave the car for it to "reset"?



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