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When To Have Head Gasket Changed On Focus??

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Hi guys,

Am new to this site so please be gentle with me. I have a 04 plated Focus 1.6 zetec that has done 95000 miles. I have recently had the rocker cover gasket done and was wandering about replacing the head gasket.

I know very little about the mechanics of the car and am hoping one of you could advise if you feel this needs doing sooner rather than later. Also, a rough sort of price would be great.



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No need to do unless its leaking, blown.etc, and its not a case of kissing engine goodbye.

On most modern engines its rare for headgasket to fail.

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hi,,, lift the lid and check for oil on the under tray, also if your car is on a drive always look for oil spots as you reverse off the drive,,, but as mentioned,, if it aint broke then dont touch it.

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Suspect you might be confusing head gasket with cam belt?

Head gasket is not a scheduled replacement item.

Cam belt is and is 10 years or 100000 miles.

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