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Engine Malfunction Light


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Does anyone khow whats happening to my Galaxy

I have a Galaxy 57reg Ghia 2.0 TDCI

Lately it started playing up

Every so often the power will cut off and it would stop. Engine Malfunction would light up in the dash.

When it stops I switch off the ignition and restart it.

It starts up first time and runs as though nothing has happened

I do not drive it much about 30 miles a week on short journeys

It happens on rarely but it's anoying.

I noticed that it happens when I am doing around 40mph and my foot is just slightly just resting on the accelerater.

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No DTC's are stored

The engine management light does not illuminate.or stay on after the power cuts off.

I have the vehicle checked but no DTC's are stored.

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I resently replaced the headlight bulbs and I took out the headlamps out to make it easier to replace the bulbs.

I noticed alot of Earth connections and i did clean them and I put some grease over them to prevent rust and condensation.

The Galaxy has got FSH from the dealers which I forgot to mention before.

It drives and pulls spot on.

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My ford galaxy 2.3 petrol 2008 check light comes on no codes car drives as normal tried petrol cap tmap censor don’t have a clue light comes on when temp is warm so 1 or 2 mins after start up any idears

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Ford has issues with the CAN bus.

Mine has been properly diagnosed by someone with the ability to read into the ECU not just an odbc scanner which finds no codes.

Mine has multiple loss of communication causing engine light, transmission warning, ABS and ESP / traction control modules, steering control module. These are all ion the HS CAN bus.

Could be CAN bus related?

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