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Fusion Semi Auto

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Hi all

New to forum so not sure if I'm posting in the right place here!

Anyway i have a ford fusion 2, 2003 reg 1.4 duratec petrol with the semi auto box! I suffers with clutch judder when a pull off mainly the first drive off the day but could last all day, but i have noticed this morning that if i drive it manually for a few minutes it cleared the juddering, so has anyone any idea what the problem could be please?

I just put it down to a bad/ warped clutch so was just going to run it until it failed but now i think it's more of a simpler fix now!

Thanks chris

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Try a new set of Spark Plugs, I would recommend the Denso iridium ITV16's. Just avoid the Bosch super 4's

For any plugs make sure they are gapped at 1.0mm

I have found that my car runs a lot better on premium grade fuel, as well as the judder it would occasionally misfire when pulling away in auto mode.

Good plugs and good fuel fixed it for me.

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Just done a service couldn't tell you what plugs i put in though, engine has never been lumpy in fact it's always been very responsive & believe it or not it actually runs better on asda than premium petrol!

This is definitely clutch judder but like i said it seems to clear when i drive manually for a few minutes. Odd i know but that all, other other than that it's a spot on motor!

I bought this fusion has a stop gap between car until i could find another car & really thought it was going to be an horrible car to use but it turns out it alright an it's grown on me, fusion's get a hard time for not being fashionable or what ever & it's undeserved i think!

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