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Will Prices Drop When The New S-Max Is Released?


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We are thinking of buying an 3-4 year old S-Max. I noticed that the new model is coming out pretty soon.

Do you think that will mean used prices will fall as people trade up?

The plan was to buy in May, so I'm wondering if we should wait.


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Obviously they will but WHY would anyone in their right mind want to buy a brand new one as soon as the new model is released? Remember the mk1 with, alarm, steering rack, ps pump problems to name a few which took a couple of years to sort out. The (facelift) with the roof blind that was and still is causing major headaches and Ford wiping their hands of the whole thing saying its only covered for 1 year and that will be the best part of £1K to fix ... WTF!! This new one is gonna have most controls accessed via the touch screen, with the NX touchscreen with the built in climate control going wrong in the MK1 & 2 & FORD wanting £3800 to replace it that dont sound very comforting to me. Stick with a tried and tested as near the end of the product run one and be thankfull, you can always buy one at a later date when / if they ever get sorted. Let some other schmu*k suffer the headaches

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