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My dad ordered his new Focus Titanium at the end of last year and was told that it would be ready for him by the middle of March, then that was changed to the end of March and now he has been told that it will be the end of April owing to a shortage of gearboxes for the New Focus.

Now for a major manufacturer like Ford this seems strange, so as I wondering if anybody knows what's going on. The car is "committed" for the 10th of April and then has to be shipped from Germany to the U.K. and then onto the dealer.

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I Ordered the new Mondeo Zetec back in the beginning of Jan, In the middle of February I was told it would be shipped and delivered on the 10th March then I got a phone call saying it was delayed due to Transportation issues to Southampton. Finally I will be collecting on Monday 30th.

Never trust what the dealers say or Fords come to that.

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Being a large company doesn't stop Ford having issues with new parts or from internal/external suppliers. Especially if they're supplying gearboxes to US plants as well as the european ones or the new production line set up for the gearboxes isn't quite working as intended :rolleyes:

Can also be like Chinese whispers how any scheduling constraints are communicated to the dealer network.

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