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Premium Membership - 2 For 1 Halfords Discount Cards This Easter

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Good Avo Ford Fans!

Halfords Discount Card - get 15% off at Halfords this weekend. 10% off Bikes too :)

Just to let you know the club has an offer on from today until the 7th of April 2015.

  1. Buy Premium membership before 7th of April 2015 and get an extra Halfords Discount card for you to give to family and friends.
  2. Also, 10% off membership as well.

Just sign up using discount code 2for1 to claim yours.

Also, please note that if you would like to use your card over the weekend then you need to purchase the premium membership by 3pm on the 2nd of April to ensure first class delivery before the weekend.

Sign up to Ford Owner Club Premium Membership here

Offer expires 7 April 2015 (2 for 1 means 2 x discount cards in your membership pack. Not 2 for 1 offer in store)

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I'm trying to sign in, but I seem to be having issues with this I want to upgrade, but when I reach the sign in page it tells me I 'don't have permission for that' then crashes into a loop. So I try via safari (or chrome) sign in, then it tells me to sign in......repeatedly

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Ok I think I've Sussed it out, I think it's because I'm already a premium member. So...I've rejoined the forum, so can you please delete this account <------------ and I'll carry on using the new one (frozenwhitemk7.5)

Also, quick question before you do, I've purchased tickets for ford fair using my laumk7 id, would this affect it at all should that membership be deleted? As I really don't need two accounts lol


Or to make things easier would be easier to just delete the new account (frozenwhitemk7.5)? I still want the stuff ordered though...

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Hi Laurie

We will try and keep the old account for you and I will transfer the order to your original account mate.

I will send you a PM as well to confirm when these have been done.

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