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Where Does This Pipe Go ?

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Another newby here with what may be a dumb question. I have had the head off my daughter's 02 Focus 1.8 CDI (Duratorque) to investigate low compression on 3 cylinders causing progressivly poorer cold starting. (First don't get me going on the apalling access on this installation - the most difficult engine to work on that I have met in almost 60 yrs of car servicing !!) A light valve grind was needed.

The pipe is shown laying on the battery in the attached photo and it is from the 3rd solenoid next to the throttle and EGR solenoids mounted above the inlet manifold. I just can't see anywhere it could connect and as usual Haynes is no use. Neither can I think of anything other than throttle and EGR that could need vacuum control.

I would be very grateful for any leads............Derekpost-64348-0-12163500-1427883598_thumb.j

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