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Split In Induction Pipe - Loss Of Power

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Hi all

I am new to this Forum.

My Ford Focus has been sick recently with the most recent issue being swooshing sound coming from engine when accelerating. Anyway I found a 2 inch split in the induction pipe between air box and engine.

This must be the cause of the swoosh sound.

However, there is some loss of power, probably by 20%. Would this split be the likely cause of the power loss too?

I have put tape over the split which has helped the swooshing sound a bit but not completely.

I am getting a new part on Saturday from Ford and will get it fitted next week.

I have no engine light but:

Should I check for error codes once new part fitted? I am not sure whether any sensors would have picked up the air leak and caused the car to go into some kind of safe mode? Or should the new induction pipe fix performance issue?

How would I know if car has gone into limp home mode? How do I get it out of that mode if it has?

Many thanks


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