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Coolant Problem

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Hi just joined so if the question im about to ask is in the wrong place to ask it sorry , this is hard to explain as I DONOT know a lot about car engine full stop anyway I hope someone can be kind enough to help me.

I have a Ford Focus 2005 1.6 zetec after driving it at normal temperature I switch the engine off pull the bonnet to find my coolant level is quiet low . I then take the expansion cap off and the coolant comes rushing back in to the expansion take and then the coolant level is back to normal . I can see the water pump is working , so is the thermostat it switches from hot to cold no problem , what I need to know is where or why is coolant no fully retuning to the expansion tank , I hope this makes sense to anyone who reads it . As anyone else experienced this or is it normal please excuse me if I'm been a bit dumb lol the car is not overheating

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