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Stuttering When Accelerating

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Hi, has anyone had a problem with stuttering, after slowing down from 70mph to say 60 then easing back on the power my Focus 1.6 TDCI stutters and seems to struggle its not for long and it doesnt do it all the time ,if someone has had the same problem i would love to hear from them

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exactly the same problem with Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCI. I found out that in winter (low temperature) there is no problem but when the temperature is more than 12C the mild shuttering is back.

Anyone suggest what to look at in engine?

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Hi thanks for reply my Focus is a 2012 1.6 tdci took it to the local ford dealer last week and they said the car needed a software upgrade [whatever that was] since getting the car back it has done it once but this time i was doing 75 and suddenly the car ran rough for a few seconds and then carried on as normal not sure what to do now any suggestions ?

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Stuttering when warm could be cam sensor. Coxy, what year is your motor?

hi my Focus is a 2012 model ford dealer said they had done an software upgrade? but problem still there ! might take it to local garage and see if they can find anything

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