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S-Max 2.5T Engine Wiring Loom Meted


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Hi all, new to the forum not new to ford, was hoping to join here with all good intentions as I've recently bought a 2.5t 08 s-max in white, brought it as a project to spend a few k on tasteful mods and remap ect,story goes it was my work mates motor had owned for 3-4 years anything that needed doing got done, he also shelled out on a rebuild due to alternater belt snapping taking the timing with it, it had a spit bottom rad hose so we sealed it with a tape mad for the job topped up with coolent no leaks happy days!! Drove home off boost ect got at least 1/4 away from home then she cut out as if a faulty maf, carried on and she cut out again but with smoke, at this point I was 30 seconds from home temp gauge all good so carried on then when I got outside my house smoke was coming out of the bay and smoke from exhaust as if the turbo had popped!!! Management light on ect, brought and fitted a new rad hose topped up and bled engine running sweet!! Once warm gave a little throttle then started go misfire with loads of white smoke then smoke out of the engine bay which I thought was coolent, all checked over no leaks what so ever ect let it cool and tried again the day after, fired up and ran like a dream!! Warmed her up then took out to fill her up fired up and the white smoke coming out was madness I thought the turbo had definitely gone!! Managent light flashing so shut down to let her cool, 30 mind later she fired up drove her home no probs!! The smoke from the engine bay turned out to be the black plastic engine cover!! I had my mate pop over to have a look and he discovered the loom had melted with all the wires fused together!! Not a good sign! But only in one place and is about 3-4 max where it's melted!! It's the main loom that attaches to coil packs and all powertrarrine turbo cam sensors ect bad news this what's your thoughts?? Any ideas on what would cause this? Anyone had the same issue? I've got a blue point micro scanner which gave 5 codes which is now obvious due to the loom any help would be much appreciated

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