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Fiesta 09 Titanium Questions

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New member here. Recently bought my first Ford, which is my first car aswell.

It's a 1.4 petrol Fiesta titanium 2009. I am impressed with the car, I love it. Does everything I want.

Just after a few tips.

What do I do about a spare wheel? Can I only fit a space saver in the well?

bluetooth audio? I can connect my phone and make calls perfectly, however I have to connect the USB and aux in, to play music off Spotify with the full details on my display i.e song track etc.

It says in the manual, the mode button on the wheel hangs up calls etc, can't get this to work?

The cruise control I'm a bit miffed by, ( after reading manual ). I turn it on, press and gold the + button to hold my speed, I can then over ride it with the pedals, but if I press the + button again it takes me back up to the set speed? What does the - button do then?


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Spare wheel - I have a full size 15" steel wheel in mine.

bluetooth audio - I haven't a clue as I don't use it.

Cruise control - the minus ( - ) button, decreases the set speed (opposite to what the + button does ) .

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Just to clarify the cruise control, you only need to press the plus button to set the current speed, no need to hold it in (pressing the minus button does the same thing). You can then press the plus or minus buttons to slightly adjust the speed, or hold them in for a bigger adjustment. Or adjust the speed manually and then set the cruise control again.

You're right about the pedals overriding the cruise control - pressing the brake or clutch cancels it, but if you accelerate in gear you'll notice the cruise control light stays on, and then if you let off the car will return the the crusie control speed.

The can/res button cancels and resets (obviously haha). If you press it after the cruise control was cancelled, either by pressing a pedal or the button itelf, it will reset to the last speed. Be careful with this - there are many times when I've gone into a 30 zone and pressed can/res, only for the car to suddenly try to accelerate to 60+ :blink:

Hope this helps :)

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