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Running Problem With My Mondeo

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I have an 02 plate Mondeo 1.8 LX, which has an intermittent problem, but is worse in warm weather.

It sometimes is difficult to start, BUT, ALWAYS starts. When running, it often jerks as if it is in too high a gear at too low a speed.

I had the garage put a fault code reader on it and it came up with codes for the egr valve, and temp sensor, which were duly changed. The chap I got it from changed all the leads, the coil pack, plugs and ignition module a month before I had it, I have receipts to prove.

After the egr was changed, it ran fine for a short while, but now seems slightly worse. No other fault codes came up when it was checked. Ford tell me it has a high output engine fitted,(whatever that means).

It also ticks over at just above 1000rpm, even after it has warmed up. Incidentally, the temp gauge hardly ever rises to the first mark on the gauge, let alone reach the usual halfway mark.

Despite the issue, it still returns fuel consumption close to the 1.6 Focus I had previously. Does anyone have any clues as to the issue? It is seriously doing my head in lol.....I refuse to go to the Ford dealer, as here their labour charge is 110 quid an hour!!!! At least !Removed! Turpin had the courtesy to wear a mask before ripping people off lol.



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