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Fan Problem

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Hi to all my ford brothers and sisters!

Having a serious problem with my fan and water cooler, which is really P'ing me off!

Basically, my fan isn't coming on to cool my car down, hence my water expanding too much and is spurting out the lid only little amounts but enough to drain the water in half hour!

I've had my thermostat changed and this didnt solve the problem, I Reset my ECU because i thought it was faulty and wasn't telling the fan to switch on etc still no resolve.

my gauge on my car doesn't go high, starts off in the morning at minimum, and is warm by the time i get to work only 2 miles away, then moves up 2 notches to in the middle which is running temperature i presume?

I realllly need help for this as its making me want to sell my car as I cant even drive 15 miles to my partners house without my water bottle steaming and alot of water lost. the fan used to come on but I haven't heard it in a while

Is there any suggestions or anyone who has had problems with this that could help as if not I'm going to up and sell and go German...

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I just had this exact problem with my 2005 Ford Focus, I went thru all the fuses and diodes, Checked the relays and even pulled out the fans and hooked 12 volt to them, I found out there is a resistor mounted on the fan shroud, If you Jack the front end of the vehicle up its located right in the middle of the two fans towards the bottom of the shroud.

Radiator fan motor relay kit, Napa auto parts # 600-6010, $40.00, Comes with the resistor and a new harness plug and two butt connectors.

In order to get to the resistor it necessary to drop the fans thru the bottom of the vehicle because you remove the one 10 mill bolt from the front side favoring the radiator, Hope this helps...

If you need detailed step by step just ask

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Bam beat me to it! I was going to suggest the fan resistors, you can buy then 2nd hand from a breakers.

Other possible causes could be the water pump as someone has already mentioned, or head gasket failure. I say this as you don't say that your car is overheating at all, just that its pouring water out of the expansion tank, could point to head gasket failure between a water jacket.

Best to get it checked over by a mechanic to pinpoint the problem really.

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