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Rumble Noise

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Car. A 2005/2006 Mark 2 Ford focus estate 1600 automatic 4 speed gear box (not CVT).

The car has developed a low/moderate rumble noise which I would like to locate where it is coming from?

The noise is not coming from the engine (at 20 MPH straight road in neutral it is unrelated to engine revolutions.

I checked the wheel bearings (jacked wheels up, spun = no rumble. But I am prepared to check again as a member might advise to check something else at the same time [i am 82 and jacking the car is a bit of a drag!]

Your advice would be greatly appreciated

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I suspect the rumble is still one of the bearings, sometimes the bearing wear can only be noticed whilst the car is driving with load on top of it. Is it a regular rumble or more infrequent?

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