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* Fiesta Mk7.5 Engine Cover


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Hi to all

I know that this topic has been covered over the last few weeks but I searched for it but that particular topic never came up so I popped in quickly to ask for some info.

Ok, I already have the part numbers/prices thanks to Willy and I'm aware that I need to ask for an engine cover for the Focus Mk3 1.0 Ecoboost but I've just been onto my local Ford Parts department and, they are a 'special order', and was quoted the parts price + VAT?

I was under the impression that the prices given in the forum were what members paid inclusive of VAT so, just to confirm, were prices shown in the topic inclusive of VAT or + VAT?

Engine cover (1806222) @ £28.88 = £34.66 inclusive

1st stud (1683973) @ £2.57 = £3.08 inclusive

2nd stud (1780192) @ £2.18 = £2.62 inclusive

Are these prices the cheapest available including delivery and, did members who bought the engine cover and studs, have them delivered or, collected from their local dealership?


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That seems about right mate. The prices I posted are 2 years old now so have probably gone up a bit since.

www.fordpartsuk.com will be cheaper by about 10% but you have to pay postage.

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Thanks Willy

I didn't realise that the thread was that old - was it that long ago that you first fitted the cover to your Fiesta?

So, as the thread was around two years old and I recently enquired in the thread about buying the engine cover for my new '15 plate Fiesta Titanium X 1.0 Ecoboost, will this cover fit over my Ecoboost engine?

Have you also fitted the same engine cover to your new '15 plate Fiesta Titanium X?

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