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Add An Aux Port To Ford Focus 2005

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Hello Ford Owners

Recently just purchased a Ford Focus 1.6 LX 2005 (54 plate) and its the bog standard edition and the stereo doesnt say aux but it says CDDJ and i am guessing an aux can be installed to the stereo as there isnt one in the glove box.

a similar picture of the stereo is attached


So i am wondering if anybody has done this or definately knows what cable or adapter i can buy so i can install one. Also any instructions or tips would also be very greatful.



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That radio won't accept an aux input as it is set up for a seperate cd changer unit.

1) Buy a radio with an aux button-


Make sure it is definitely from either a C-Max, Focus, Fiesta or Fusion as the Mondeo one is a different shape (fascia is wider at the top and the radio body is a different shape) and will never fit the other models no matter what is listed on eBay.

2) Then buy this-


3) Then buy this to fit into a spare slot on the demister switch panel, it makes for a much easier and tidier installation.-


The 3.5 plug on the cable I listed above (2) will plug into the back of the socket above (3) and give you an aux port on the dash without having to drill holes in the glovebox.

The USB on the item (3) will be redundant but you can add a power supply to it for charging phones/satnavs etc if you take a look at one of my guides-


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