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Mk7 Wishbones


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Hi all.

Need a bit of advise, I need to replace the wishbone on a mk7 fiesta, Ive got wheel movement and knocking sounds when the wheels move side to side, I had it in the air and can see movement in the lower ball joint.

Does anybody know if I can change it without taking the wheel hub off.

Any help on this or suggestions would be very helpful.

I live in Milton Keynes if anybody can recommend a suitable mechanic.

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You don't have to take the wheel hub off but you may have to compress the spring in order to take the load off the wishbone.

Get the car up on axle stands on the chassis and use a block of wood under the front hub and jack this up to take a bit of load off the bottom wishbone, don't jack it up too much just enough to compress the spring a bit.

Soak all the bolts with WD40 before hand. It is wise to replace both wishbones and the bolts holding everything on.

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Hey mate!


Did my 1.0 80 ps lower control arms this summer. Pain in the ***** but here's what I learned:

- after you jack the car up, be VERY liberal with penetrating fluid on all 3 bolts. 

- also spray penetrating fluid where the ball joint goes into the hub (lots of it)

- have a hammer and a chisel or a pry bar ready. You will need this to open up the pinch area where the ball joint meets the hub (it was a pain in the ***** to get it out) - after removing the bolt of course

I went and asked the service Manager whom I personally know at my dealers and he said that you don't need to replace the bolts. I bought Moog front arms from ECP and they came with the pinch bolts and I just used those and did not replace the other 2. 

Take your time, getting them out is easy, but putting them back in when you're on jack stands is a pain in the *****. If you can afford it, have a mechanic do it. I would never do that again 😂. You need to take it to a garage anyways to do the alignment afterwards.

Here's a tutorial: Bottom ball joint/ lower arm on a 1 litre Ford Fiesta (2012-2016) How to replace - YouTube

Also try buying the service manual for your car as it will have the exact procedure for replacing these. 


Good luck!

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