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Took A Break From The Focus But Now I Am Trying Again


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Had a few Fords in the past, diesel Mk1 Ford Focus estate, 2 Mk1 1.8 Petrol hatchbacks and a Mk3 1.8 Mondeo. I have always thought the driving experience was great, responsive and really satisfying gearbox on all models. I was after that lot though feeling a bit Forded out! So have taken a break and played with some other manufacturers, Audi, Volvo, Vauxhall, Seat but none of them as troublesome as BMW, perhaps I had bad luck with the two 5 series I had but I wont be returning that way for a while.

So I have sat on the sidelines and admired Ford's direction for a while, I really liked the mk2 Focus because its shape just looked right. After an ugly time with my Volvo S60 recently I decided I would return to the Focus and have just picked up a Mk2.5 1.8 Petrol Focus on an 08 plate.

What a terrific drive it is, handles great and sticks to straight lines on the motorway with ease, no wandering left or right. I have one issue with it which I will raise a forum thread about because I cant find definitive information via forum or google searches.

Not planning any modifications really, I went down that route with a Vectra years back and I really enjoyed it but I through a lot of money at it that I never got back. One thing I will do is upgrade the radio. It has the 6000cd in at the moment, there was another Focus with the Nav radio available but the price difference was crazy between the two. So I am looking at some Eonon units which I think look pretty good actually.

Anyway, thats my intro. Look forward to interacting with everyone.

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Hi welcome, excellent choice! I have one too, bit thirsty, but acceptable! I will look out for your issue thread, I may be able to help

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