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S-Max Rear And Front Near Side Position Lights Out Solution!


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I have never contributed to one of these forums before but have been trawling them for a solution to this problem and on every site people have said I need to reset my ECU or remove the battery. I have done both and neither worked. So I went back to basics and started checking the 'very' simple things.

I noted that when I applied the brake pedal, both front and rear position lights came on... which lead me to believe that there was a short in the brake light system drawing down the intelligent lighting solution voltage etc etc. So I checked the bulbs and low and behold... I had fitted an incorrect brake light bulb on that side of the car and when I moved it to the other side it transferred the fault. When I removed the faulty light bulb (brake light on the NS) and reset the ignition, the fault cleared and I am back in business. Now just to replace the brake bulb with the correct type (double filament).

Thought I would share this as the investigation has taken a bit of time and would have cost me quite a bit for a really simple solution.

So in short, both position lights out, check the brake bulb on the same side first to ensure it is the correct type and not causing a short.

Hope this helps!

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Well done Cal, thanks for sharing the information with us :) its amazing how a bulb can be the wrong one, even if it is the correct fitment!

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