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S Max 2.2 Fuel Filter Change.


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Hi, my 2011 s max keeps going into limp mode or cutting out completely. After their diagnostics machine was connected there was two faults, low fuel pressure and high fuel pressure!

It's been recommended up I change the fuel filter as a starting point as small cost of £100.

Has anyone got any experiences of changing this filter? Or know where I can find some more information about changing the filter and priming it.

Any help would be very great.

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the filter changes are fairly simple, but they require patience.

You need to get the new filter and brim it with fuel as your installing it, then open the bleed nipple and squirt some more diesel in there to in essence cause it to overflow. As you try to start it the first few times, it will struggle, and may well cut out, but if you put enough diesel in, it should run fine from about two or three restarts.

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Fuel filter change competed today. I filled the filter with diesel from one of the inlet hose until it was full. Then reconnected all the hose's and started the car. it was fine, didn't misfire or cut out. It took a minute or so to remove some hair bubbles that can be seen from the clear pipe.

Hopefully it's fixed the fuel rail low-pressure issue I had.

Saved my self about £100

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