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How To Adjust Rear Doors On Titanium


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Thanks but Not really seems to be an air whooshing noise when you travel at speed from rear near side door. Is the problem was wondering if you can adjust em some way to pull the door in tighter. Ant other ideas ta

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If you're wanting to adjust the shut-line of rear doors to rear quarter panels etc there is some adjustment possible with the door striker bolted to the body, the part the larch mechanism in the door engages with to secure the door shut. It's part 22008 in the Rear Door Lock Controls page linked above.

Basic process is to loosen off then use plastic mallet or similar to tap it up, down, in, out as needed then re-tighten.

Make sure you mark up it's position before you move it in case it all goes bit wrong and you want to put it back to where you started from. Sounds like with yours you'd want to move it inboard slightly - this can lead to needing to slam it harder to get it to shut properly.

Door sets are always a compromise of shut efforts, getting body/door shut-lines flush and maintaining proper sealing too.

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