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Ford Focus Aircon And Heater Issues

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I have a 2002 ford focus and recently the heater/blower only works on settings 2,3,4. Setting 1 doesn't work

As it was not a major issue I didn't worry too much about it, but due to recent hot weather I switched on the Aircon and on level 1 the A/C light comes on but the blower doesn't work, when I switch to level 2,3,4 then the A/C light goes out and A/C doesn't work?

Can anyone offer any advise how to fix and what this is? Is this a simple fix or is it a garage repair? What should it cost?


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Not the same problem as above.

In the above problem the heater resistor fails - and as setting 4 isn't operated through the resistor it still works.

For the OP - I'm not 100% sure

My first thought would be the dial switch being at fault

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