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Help With Ideas Pleeeeeease!

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ok so i have owned my focus mk3 for a couple of months now....love her but.........i need to put my own little touches on her as have done with all my other cars!

need ideas though as everything i keep wondering on doing just sends me straight into a brick wall:

  • really want to paint the ford badges red-to match the colour of my car-candy red, but cant get the badges off easily, so thought i would try the gel overlays as a cheap option- just to find that i cant get these now in the colour i want.
  • wheel cap covers-again can't get them in red logo.
  • door sills....do i go for plain metal or led ones?
  • puddle lights...would have to be red led's but then up against what design?
  • chrome washer jet covers......WITHOUT lights....?
  • why am i finding it so hard to do just tinkering away and mind my own business?

i have to do something to the car otherwise it will feel just hired!

yes sad but true...i have to put my girlie touches on her before i fall out of love with her!

any ideas would be greatly received.

thanks in advance x

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For gel badges try Ryan at gelbadges@gmail.co.uk ( might be .com can't remember) or heko.they should be able to do wheel centres as well.

Logod sills are going to be cheaper than led ones

Don't like the chrome washer covers, you can get colour coded jets ( non heated version though) from paintmodz on Facebook.

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