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Engine Malfunction Causes Car Not To Start

Jonny K

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Hi i hope someone can help me with my car.

My car is a 2011 S-Max titanium X auto 200hp. I have been having problems with engine malfunction causing the car not too start.

It only did it every now and again and when you let the car sit for 5 mins then it started with no problem. The odd time it did it when it was on the move bringing up "hill launch control not active"

The past few months its got a lot worse and I've had it in the Ford garage now 6 times and they can't find out whats wrong with the car.

​I understand it is not an easy problem to solve especially when it never happens when the ford garage has the car.

They have fitted a new battery costing £128

They have taken out the front seats and rejoined wiring that was under the seats incase they had bad connections.

​I am getting so annoyed with this now and hope someone could help me.


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