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Major Clean Up!!


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Maybe a good clay bar session would help to remove the surface grime.

Also try something like Autoglym Super Resin Polish as that lifts surface grime too although you will need to do it a couple of times.

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I gave the car a very quick wash yesterday, just to see what was under the grime...it does need another through clean! It's almost like it needs grit wash, you know we use swarfega for our hands to scrub the grime off,many ideas what I could use with out damaging the paint work...

clay bar will remove the lime scale grime from the body work mate,

Best advise i can give is;

Sign up for premium forum membership, you will recieve a lifetime 15% Discount card for Halfords,

Then purchase a claybar kit with 15% off.


RainX also provide a kit for glass which is very good as saw in my De-Wiper guide

Link: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/topic/70383-guide-de-wiper-ford-focus-mk2-mk25-rear-wiper-removal/

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Thank you,I have a trade card from Halfords, so I don't know what discount that'll give, but I will purchase one and see how we get on.

Today I again cleaned the car using Autoglym again, and went back over the car, this time spending more time in the gaps, and wheels...photos to follow In a while

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