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Hi I'm new to this and I am at a it of a loose end.
My focus Zetec s steering wheel has started shaking at speeds!!
This starts and stops and also under breaking.
I thought it was balance and needed tires they have been done and has not helped. If anything it has got worse.

I was hoping someone might have some advice has where to look and what do next......

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After researching a little I thought it may have been wheel bearings. Bit tbh I'm not a mechanic and thought people on here would have a lot more knowledge.

I have recently had new tires and was told that the discs were fine?

Is it an expensive job? Bushes that is?

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Bushes aren't too bad for price tbh.

You may also want to get the ball joints between the hubs and wishbones checked for play.

Easiest way to do it yourself is jack up each corner in turn and pull/push the wheel at 9 and 3 position then 6 and 12 position, any balljoint play will be easily noticeable.


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