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Need Help: I'm Losing My Mind!!!!!

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Hi Guys and Gals,

I bought a 96 escort saloon a couple of months back with a view to bringing it back to its former glory. All was going well until my better half's fiesta decided to end its life and died. This mean't i had to give her my daily ride and the escort would have to be pressed into action! The problem being that is needs a new rear bumper and it seams that nobody on this planet has one apart from ford who want to charge £250 for it. I think not. I've tried all the web sites,part finders breakers yard,e-bay etc and this is my last hope. If anyone can direct me to this very elusive part i would be veeeeeeeeery grateful.

Many thanks,


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A bit of an update on the bumper saga, Tried all avenues above and no joy so went old school and phoned a few scrappers. Called one and he said he had a pile of bumpers and i was welcome to have a look if i wanted, so off i went. Long story short i ended up with nettle stings and a mk5 orion bumper the looked like it would do with 3 trees growing out of it. After a quick jet wash i tried it on the escort and it fitted like a dream. All it needs is a rub down and a nice paint job. Useful bit of info gained that a mk 5 orion rear bumper will fit a mk6 escort. Thanks for all suggestions and help guys.

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