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S Max Performance Exhaust?


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Hi there.

I have a 56 plate 2.5t smax. It is a real stealth car a great fun to drive! However one of the rear exhaust silencers has dropped off yesterday.

I've had 2 quotes to fix & the most expensive is over £1000 & the cheaper over £700 for a standard replacement. Apparently this is because it is the original exhaust & I have to by 3 sections( the middle & the two silencers)!

Does anyone know if u can get a performance exhaust for this model as I have just been informed that milltek have discontinued theirs? As paying these sort of prices for a standard exhaust seems like a bit of a rip off to me!

If so could u let me know where from & approximate costs please.

Regards. Mark

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I paid £350 for a single exit ss straight through, an extra £100 if I'd wanted a double exit..but that was for a mk3 Mondy, the smax is a bit bigger but I think £500 would be enough to sort you out a nice free flowing,two & a half inch pipe,just one box up front and some tasteful pipe ends...nothing too big..

I just have a downturn single exit, so it looks standard only a mondeo afficiendo will spot something is going on as its polished steel with no horrid muffler...

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