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Speedometer Replacement / Unplug

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Can I simply replace speedometer without any computer confusion, mileage loss or other problems ??
My indicator "click" is gone and I found out that this click comes from speedometer itself. There is small speaker installed inside. I'm not sure if I can simply disconnect speedometer and take it apart without any problems with computer etc. I took speedometer out I then realised that cable socket is secured and hard to pull out. I think it maybe because I can't just simply disconnect it.
I've spoken with ford electrician at my local ford service and he said that if indicators work then relay is OK and for "click" sound when indicating I need to investigate.
I'm not quiet sure what will happen when I simply disconnect speedo..

Has anyone of you done it before ??

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You can remove the cluster with no problems except that the car won't start without it.

Send the cluster to these people and they'll fix it for you -


If you were to swap the cluster with a replacement one you will need someone with access to an IDS module to pair the cluster to the immobiliser system on the car or else it won't start.

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I got my cluster apart and it start to click and beep :D
Unfortunately after few seconds it died again .. I believe that piezoelectric sounder is OK .. I need to contact service to test and fix my IC

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I managed to get hold of another IC and everything works .. I didn't try to start the engine once I spot that mileage is not mine but all controls, beeps, clicks etc works just fine .. Looks like my IC is faulty and I need to send it to London for repair .. Thank you Stoney871 for interest and link to that company ..

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