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Smax Problem


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hi all,

got a problem with my 2007 diesel smax, girlfriend was driving it and got a flat, the spare seem to be an 17inch wheel which she drove for a day or two on it, the abs light then come on but using various devices to put it off but not luck,,,,anyone any ideas ..thanks

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Hi Hugh,

the spare may be related, the difference of wheel size can cause the warning light to come on, as the SMAX monitors all four wheels ABS' systems, monitors the rate of rotation, and notices that one tyre differs to the other. Its first worry is that the ABS has failed on that corner.

You need to check for an error code and see if the code relates to that corner of the car, alternatively, if you replace the wheel when its repaired, disconnect the battery for an hour, then reconnect, this will reset the error codes, and should only bring it back if there appears to still be an issue.

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