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Diy Scratch And Stone Chipping Repair

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Hi guys, I have just started the perfection process of my Mondeo that I picked up last weekend.

How do I find a dealer or seller that will match my paint?

I know that the paint reference number is on the driver side door frame, but can't seem to find any retailers.

Guessing I only really need a touch up paint with gloss / laquer over the top.

Upgrades on the go so far.

- Osram Night Breakers Unlimited

- New License plates (the current one is peeling)

- Ford tyre dust cap covers

Looking to tint rear 3 windows , but not sure whether or not to have a go myself or get a pro to do it. I did previously do my Grande Punto.

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Hi Ray,

You can go to the dealer, and get the touch up pen kits, but to be honest they can make it look worse in some respects, it depends how confident you are at sanding and buffing!

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Thanks James

I'm pretty handy with the sander and buffer (thanks to my Industrial Design degree)

Have you had any problems with your MKIV?

So far (touch wood) I am literally in love with her and she runs fantastically!

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For me I bought her with 100k on the clock. She needed a new air con compressor and a clear up of one of her airbag connectors, all done under warranty. Beyond that she needed timing belts, and I treat her to a terraclean. Beyond that I have no trouble with her.look after her, drive her gentle and she rewards with around 800 miles to a tank and nothing but love in return.

Oh and a battery,

Beyond that she now and then leaves her battery light on for ten seconds when she starts up, but I think she is just tired.

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I replaced the front and rear license plates and bought some nice car mats off eBay. Also replaced the tyre dust caps with secure Ford sign ones... it's the little things that matter!

Was planning to tackle the scratches today, but I bought a Karcher pressure washer which I had fun playing with today.

Miles wise, it just keeps on going, says 450 miles on a full tank, but that number just increases as soon as I hit the motorway. Good thing though as I'm doing 200-300 miles in the next few days.

Bought mine with 84k on the clock, loads of gadgets and body work only shown signs of age, other than that, full ford service history and £200 warranty for a year, I am a VERY HAPPY man!

Going to tackle the lights next, have bought myself Osram nightbreakers, which should give me more visibility in the dark.

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Don't forget, if anything goes wrong in the first six months they must fix it regardless of the cost. That warranty does not substitute your consumer rights.

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