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Classic Car Insurance For 17 Year Old?


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So I should have my license in a few months and there is a classic fiesta available for me to drive but only on classic insurance. However I'm wondering is this actually possible in the first place as although i see alot of websitessaying you should drive/buy a classic car as your first car you'll save on insurance hovever im seeing very little actual insurance companies offering this option for a 17-19 year old to drive a classic car. (footmanjames being the only one however that requires being apart of member clubs, none of which suit the car or are local) So could someone tell me if it is actually possible or if they know any first time/teen drivers on classic insurance as I would really go down this route as I would really like to drive this classic

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what age is the fiesta?

reason i ask is ive just got hold of an 1996 n reg fiesta si 76k on the clock and generally a very tidy car for my 19 year old.its on sorn at the mo as no mot,but from what i understand shouldnt cost big bucks to put it on the road.

the cheapest insurance quote weve had for him as a learner driver,as the main driver with myself and his mum is £480 which i thought wasnt bad,other quotes have been totally !Removed! stupid over 1k.

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