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S-max 1.8 Tdci Starting Problem


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Hi, I have problem with starting my S-Max 1.8 TDCI 125BHP,07. It occurs randomly, I didn´t
notice any relation to engine or outside temperature, nor length of stay. When I try to start,
engine is only turning over, but won´t fire up. "Engine malfunction" message appears on display.
But I always somehow manage to start engine eventually.Any advice guys? This is DTC´s reading:

===PCM DTC P0A09:00-24===
Code: P0A09 - DC/DC Converter Fault Circuit Low

===PCM DTC P0562:00-28===
Code: P0562 - System Voltage Low

===PCM DTC P0341:29-68===
Code: P0341 - CMP Sensor A Circuit Range/Performance (Bank 1 or single sensor)

===PCM DTC P0122:00-68===
Code: P0122 - Throttle/Pedal Position Sensor A Circuit Low Input

===PCM DTC P0113:00-28===
Code: P0113 - IAT Sensor 1 Circuit High Input

===OBDII DTC P0A94-P===
Code: P0A94 - DC/DC Converter Performance

==PDM DTC U2012:08-2E===
==DDM DTC U2012:08-2E===

Thanks for Help. Mike

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Hi Mikezz, As I note no others have any suggestions yet. So should it has not been solved and you are still having this problem. I had a broadly similar experience on starting until it also intermittently loose power during a run and then broke down and started again!

It turned out, my Fuel Injector Loom was chafed (at the back of the cam cover)- this explains why my 1.8 initial symptom was on starting with engine block rocking the most! There was a service note issued - 8S184.

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As most of the DTCs are PCM related, I suggest checking the wiring to the module, including grounding points.

Multiple DTCs almost always relate to an electrical supply or grounding issue.

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Thanks guys. It eventually turned out to be two problems. One is solved - air lock due to a fuel filter change. Sorted on third attempt - filter cover had to be tihgtened really strong beacaus eit was leaking. Second problem is electrical and it still persist and occurs occasionally - "engine malfunction" sign appears sometimes before starting, but after turning key back and forth to start again will make this sign dissapear and I can start....can´t figure out this one.

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