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Boot Unlock Logic

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can anyone please confirm the unlocking logic of the boot for an S-Max. If the doors are unlocked (using the key fob unlock button), should the boot be unlocked, i.e. can you press the button on the underside of the handle to open the boot? I assumed that was the case, but the first time I tried it, it didn't open, and then I remembered the unlock button on the fob so pressed that which also did nothing. Then I bothered to read the manual and realised I needed to press the fob button twice to unlock the boot, but that actually pops the boot open, rather than what I would call unlock it (which would then allow the button underneath the handle to open it).

When we first got the car, I assumed this was apparently how it had been designed (the manual only talks about unlocking the boot using the key fob), but having now spent a week with it on holiday, including many arguments about who's got the keys to open the boot, despite the car being unlocked, I've started to look into it further. There is definitely a button on the underside of the boot handle, so I'm starting to suspect it should open if the fob is unlocked, and I've got a faulty boot handle button.

Please can someone confirm this is correct?

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